Don’t Let Disaster Affect Your Business

Physical Workspace

Allow your personnel to keep working by relocate them to a physical workplace.


Fully equipped offices with I.T. equipment ready for you to use.

Phone and Data Services

Restore Your Business Connectivity with Phone and Data Services.

€500 per year*

*Price quoted based on per user per year.


All You Need To Keep Your Business Running

Online Client Portal

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Hot Desking

A Hot Desk is a personal workspace fully fitted out and ready for your business needs, and can be let on a day-to-day or even hourly basis...

Dedicated DDI and IP

Every workstation you require will have a dedicated ISDN telephone number, which is activated all year round and can be used when redirecting...

IPT telephone Handset

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BCP Web Hosting

Need web hosting as part of your business continuity plan we can help you out.

Physical Workplace Locations

Three ideal locations to choose from for your workplace recovery office. Give your staff the comfort knowing there is a office ready and waiting...

ITC Equipment

Recovery Workstations with IPT phone, Data connections and P.C’s.

Emergency Receptionist

To save your clients and customers been kept waiting we offer an emergency receptionist to cover all calls and queries, when you can’t offer...

WiFi Access

As well as high speed Ethernet we also offer WiFi for visiting clients.

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